T-Shirt Patchwork Dresses, Jeans and Shirts

T-SHIRTs bring back MEMORIES from ADVENTURES, a FRIEND, a PLACE OR TIME that you ALWAYS WANT TO REMEMBER... but now the T-shirts are cluttering your closets and drawers. There is no room for any other clothes.
Queen Becky uses these memories to construct Personalized WEARABLE ART. You can wear more than one T-Shirt at a time in a much more fashionable style.

All eyes are on THE JEANS of MEMORY. Your old blue jeans can hold up to  15 T-shirts. Expect compliments. Please send your old comfortable jeans with the T-shirts.  The jeans can have holes and stains in them.

A WOMAN wants a shirt that FLATTERS HER FIGURE.
LOGO T-SHIRTS are unflattering ugly T-shirts, usually made for men. Transfer one or more logos on a top that FITS YOU. It is easy to wear more than one memory at a time when showing off your new attractive blouse.
Send the shirt of your choice or purchase one.

EVENT, FESTIVAL or FUNDRAISER T-Shirts -- We all, "Gotta' have it!"
Your T-shirt dress, duster, skirt, shirt, vest or pants will be the TALK of the EVENT. Send the outfit of your choice, purchase one or have one made from the T-shirts that you send.

A single T-shirt attached to a piece of clothing is $20.
Enhancements are extra.  The add ons cost $20 an hour.  As little or as lot as you want can be put on the outfit.

TThe Possibilities Are Endless

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Duster made from 18 t-shirts. Can get it either lined or unlined. A conversation piece for every event!


This began as a boring black, yet comfortable shirt from her closet. We added 3 t-shirts and beads, hand embroidery, lace, and glitter to make this fabulous eye-catcher.


This cool, comfortable dress can be made from 1 to 4 t-shirts.


This sweatshirt is made with a Guns n Roses concert T-Shirt.  The front of the concert T-shirt is on the back.  The small logo is on the pocket.  The saying on the back of the T shirt is placed on the hood.  The shirt is accented with Lace, rick-rack, a large roses applique and metal gun rivets." Take that ugly ill fitting T-shirt and make into something that you are proud to wear.


This denim skirt from the thrift store has 9 t-shirt logos added (so far) with ribbons, rik-rak, sequins, metallic braid, glitter, and buttons.


Formerly boring black jacket enhanced with 5 art car t-shirts from years of parades. Decorated with sequins, gems, buttons, custom stained glass fabric, glitter, and doohickeys.


Diagonal Duo: Long sleeved shirt made from 2 artcar t-shirts - with flattering angles.  Fits a woman like a shirt should!



T-Shirt Patchwork Dresses, Jeans and Shirts

Custom sewing and art by Queen Becky